Personal LAB CLIA

Fully Automated 2 Microplate Analyser CLIA \ ELISA

Personal LAB CLIA

Fully Automated 2 Microplate Analyser CLIA \ ELISA

A new flexibility in your chemiluminescence testing

Personal LAB CLIA is a new, flexible and fully automated microplate analyser. Used for application of our novel Chemiluminescence microELISA assays – and the well-known colourimetric microELISA assays.

Personal LAB CLIA is a unique platform, complete with demanding features like positive sample identification it is the latest and unique in combined CLIA \ ELISA technology.

Easy and straightforward combination with the conventional colourimetric EIAgen assays and two microplates with fast highly reliable Chemiluminescence assays (CLIA) and complete your total demand for fast and reliable diagnosis of your samples. 

All on microELISA, all in one test run.


Personal LAB CLIA applies Chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) detection by using microplate luminometers that provides a sensitive, fast throughput, and an economical alternative to conventional colourimetric methodologies, such as enzymelinked immunosorbent assays (ELISA).

CLIAgen Chemiluminescence assays applied on Personal LAB CLIA provide your laboratory continuously:

  • significantly shorter incubation times
  • less reagent consumption
  • a higher dynamic test range

Personal LAB CLIA and CLIAgen assays together create a reliable and progressive platform. Combining precise and efficient complete assays. The best specifications are united in each assay.




Test results are available faster:

CLIAgen incubation times are reduced compared to conventional ELISA methods and have no need for adding a ‘stop’ solution. Adding valuable time to technician schedules and increasing their productivity.

Personal LAB CLIA is designed to serve the needs of the most demanding laboratories, and is completed with a dedicated range of ready-to-use microELISA assays. The platform provides a solid and reliable solution for those who need to make confident diagnosis of diseases under all circumstances. The platform effortlessly provides sample testing with state of the art Chemiluminescence CLIAgen assays with or without combination of the more traditional colourimetric microELISA assays from our EIAgen product line, or other brands.

With thousands of units sold worldwide Personal LAB CLIA is extending the proven benefits of the successful Personal Lab instrument for microELISA assays. Robust, reliable, compact and completed by a wide range of validated assays. It is the basis for the ideal automated solution for primary- or back-up laboratory analysers. Backed by minimal maintenance and effective use of consumables to provide an efficient and cost effective operation for your lab.

Our manufacturing for excellence in performance will warrant your durable investment. Independent Notified Bodies approved international quality registrations on the system such as CE-IVD, EMC and ISO. All components involved in the total system of instrument, reagents, reference solutions and consumables are approved and produced under the strictest controls.