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Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA) detection using microplate luminometers provide a high sensitive and faster methodology. Recently the chemiluminescence immunoassay has been shown to be more sensitive than the conventional colorimetric method(s), and does not require long incubations or the addition of a stopping reagent, like in some traditional colorimetric assays.

CLIAgen kits are designed to detect glow-based chemiluminescent reactions. The kits provide a broader dynamic assay range, superior low-end sensitivity, and a faster protocol than the conventional colorimetric methods. The series of the kits covers Thyroid, Hormone panels and other panels. They can be used to replace conventional colorimetric ELISA that have been widely used in many research and diagnostic applications. Furthermore, with the methodological advantages, chemiluminescent immunoassay will play an important part in the diagnostic and research areas that ELISA’s can not do.

Advantages from our CLIAgen chemiluminescence microELISA assays

  • Low background (high signal to noise ratio)
  • Large measuring range (dynamic range)
  • Higher Linearity
  • Less reagent consumption compared to classical microELISA
  • Faster results compared to classic colorimetric microELISA
  • Longer shelf life or reagents

Using the validated combination of the CLIAgen assays and Personal LAB CLIA instrument, keeps you one step ahead in the dynamic workflow of presenting fast, reliable and precise test results in cost effective way.

Adaltis offers a wide and competitive range of microplate assays based on chemiluminescence or colourimetric assays:

  • Tumour Markers
  • Thyroid
  • Fertility & Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Anemia
  • Cardiac Markers *
  • Steroids


Chemiluminescence MicroELISA

Chemiluminescence MicroELISA



Chemiluminescence MicroELISA

Product Name Code
CLIAgen Cortisol Kit CLI4003KF1
CLIAgen 17β-Estradiol Kit CLI4041F1
CLIAgen Progesterone (C21) Kit CLI4043F1
CLIAgen Testosterone Kit CLI4011KF1
CLIAgen Total hCG Kit CLI4012
CLIAgen FSH Kit CLI4013F1
CLIAgen LH Kit CLI4014F1
CLIAgen Prolactin Kit CLI4015F1
CLIAgen 17α-OH Progesterone Kit CLI10040F1
CLIAgen Free Estriol Kit CLI4046
CLIAgen AFP Kit CLI4017K
CLIAgen CEA Kit CLI4022F1
CLIAgen PSA Equi Kit CLI4027CF1
CLIAgen Free PSA Kit CLI4037F1
CLIAgen OV-Marker CA 125 Kit CLI4035F1
CLIAgen BR-Marker CA 15-3 Kit CLI4036F1
CLIAgen GI-Marker CA 19-9 Kit CLI4040F1
CLIAgen Free β-hCG Kit CLI4047
CLIAgen Free T3 Kit CLI4039
CLIAgen Free T4 Kit CLI4021
CLIAgen Total T3 Kit CLI4019B
CLIAgen Total T4 Kit CLI4020
CLIAgen TSH Kit CLI4025F1
CLIAgen TBG Kit CLI4049
CLIAgen Thyroglobulin Kit C11TG-100F1
CLIAgen Insulin Kit CLI4050
CLIAgen C-Peptide Kit CLI4051