Pchem 3

Fully Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyser & Reagents

Pchem 3

Double Arm - Fully Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyser

Up to 500 tests / hour with ISE module on board

The Pchem-3 is a fully automated analyser for clinical chemistry operating
in the upper segment of mid-sized laboratories range of 300-500 tph. 

Pchem-3 is suitable as a benchtop instrument or floor standing version to deliver fast an accurate diagnose of the samples:
the only control you need is to match instrument throughput with your workload.

The Pchem-ease of use software give you a hassle-free workflow routine in several demanding settings.

Adaltis completes the Pchem system with a CE-marked Pchem reagent panel of 56-assays,
ready for use, ensuring you a fast forward daily routine in your laboratory.

Pchem analysers are well prepared for integrated ISE analysis of electrolytes.

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