IVD Reagents

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For your maximum order flexibility, our IVD-reagents and assays are available as well via our eStore.

For more details, please contact our Customer Care Centre via application@adaltis.net

ADALTIS provides you a wide range assortment in reagents, assays and ready-to- use kits to screen and diagnose blood, serum, plasma or other body fluids for viruses and other infectious agents and pathogens.

Our IVD-certified reagents / assays are excellent in quality, have outstanding performance, and the ease of use including the all in one kit concept for microplate assays, make our IVD-reagents the principal solution for every laboratory that require economical and efficient daily workflow.

ADALTIS IVD-reagents/assays have excellent performance, complete validation and maximum ease of use on our automated systems in automated microplate processing (Personal LAB, NEXgen) and clinical chemistry (Pchem-series, HEMO One) or immunoassays (Eclectica, TiCA).

IVD-reagents and assays are available for the segments:

  • Blood virus, serology and virology
  • Clinical chemistry
  • HbA1c, diabetes testing
Calibration Sets

Calibration Sets

IMMUNOgen is Adaltis’ new and dedicated reagent line for immunoassays, to be applied on our Eclectica and Eclectica TiCA systems.

Comprised assay panels make your selection effortless straight forward. The IMMUNOgen immunoassays are a dynamic product line that is extended constantly by reliable parameters for patient diagnosis.

Eclectica assays are highly sensitive by applying the FITC-detection by a higly sensitive luminometer.

Economical packing of 2*50 tests gives you a routine advantage when you have to assay limited samples a day.

Each assay reagent pack includes and loads assay specific data related to specific reagents, calibrators, common reagents.

Each assay consists about the following components in each in solitary packing available

  • Specific assay
  • Common reagents
  • Eventually dedicated Calibrator Set

Calibration Sets

Calibrators need only to be used in cases the Eclectica instrument indicates. Validated master curve data is stored on the ‘Smart card’ included in each reagent/assay pack. Extensive calibration runs performed at Adaltis and other research laboratories make a stable system and for this reason our dedicated calibrator sets are available on request only.

Product Name Code
AFP 1707617
Androstenedione 1700117
DHEA-S 1700317
Estradiol 1702617
Free Estriol 1703517
FSH 1701017
HCG 1703017
LH 1702017
Progesterone 1702717
Prolactin 1708017
SHBG 1705817
Testosterone 1706017
C-Peptide 1702817
Insulin 1706217
Ferritin 1709517
Free T3 1708617
Free T4 1708517
Total T3 1708417
Total T4 1708217
TSH 1707317
Anti-TPO 1707117
Anti-hTG 1707017
Cortisol 1703917
BR-Marker CA 15-3 1705417
CEA 1706617
Free PSA 1706517
GI-Marker CA 19-9 1705317
OV-Marker CA 125 1705517
PSA 1706417