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Combining years of experience in genomic research with top-edge software and algorithms, Adaltis Genomics   brings the long-promised value of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data to your reach, whether it is clinical   diagnostics of rare diseases, Oncogenetics or genetic stratification of clinical data.



Next generation sequencing (NGS) is the ultimate approach to provide your patients with better healthcare. How should the vast amounts of data be handled? How can the relevant information regarding the genetic variation of your patient be extracted ?
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Correct stratification is crucial for the success of clinical trials. Full genotyping of the patients using NGS is clearly the way, but handling the data and extracting relevant information require specialized know-how and expertise.
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"It's all in your DNA", "It runs in your family", "The human genome is fully sequenced", So how come the genetic cause for the devastating disorder cannot be identified? At last, DNA sequencing is available and effective.
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Your Personal DNA Sequencing
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Adaltis Genomics improves healthcare through the use of whole genome sequencing, developing and applying sophisticated algorithm-based tools and approaches to assign genetic variations to clinical conditions.

At Adaltis Genomics, we believe that the outstanding progress and innovation in the sequencing field can be used right now for many clinical applications and that we can fill the gap that still exists between the sequencing output and actual relevance to healthcare.

We are a team of experts with a proven record in combining computer science and molecular biology for reaching novel discoveries in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals.

Genetic institutes can finally offer families with rare genetic disorders a quick and accurate genetic counseling that is based on full sequencing and expert bioinformatic analysis at Adaltis Genomics. The best geneticists have already chosen Adaltis Genomics for this complex process of pinpointing the causal genetic variation of any disorder they consider as genetic.

The analysis package at Adaltis Genomics takes the best from the intuition and knowledge of the physician in combination with our vast experience in genomic research, thus markedly increasing the success rates of solving genetic cases.

If you have any genetic concern in your family or you are a physician handling such a matter, feel free to contact us now for any advice.

Pharma and BioTech companies can finally use novel sequencing methods for various applications in their clinical pipelines. The expert team at Adaltis Genomics designs and analyzes the sequencing experiments for the specific requirements of the project, incorporating gold-standard tools with in-house algorithms and software.

A service package at Adaltis means going hand in hand with the project manager from the initial design of the experiment and all the way to the final report, optimizing the synergy between your knowledge and expertise and our experience in utilizing these for practical clinical significance. Contact us now with any question and get a free advice regarding your sequencing project.