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Complete NGS Analysis Package for Rare Genetic Traits

In many cases, the causal genetic variations cannot be found using the currently available genetic tests. Next generation sequencing (NGS) makes it possible and affordable to search the whole genome for relevant variations and is the ultimate approach for providing your patients with a better healthcare. Still, an expert bioinformatic analysis is crucial for identifying the relevant causal variant.

Adaltis Genomics workflow is quick and simple:

  • 1

    Treating a family with a rare genetic disorder?

    Consult us to determine the best approach for identifying the underlying genetic cause.

  • 2

    Do you have the relevant DNA samples to be sequenced?

    Ask us which sequencing facility to use in order  to ensure best quality at lowest price.

  • 3

    Already have sequencing results on hard-disk or through FTP site?

    Our team of experts will handle and analyze your data quickly and professionally.

  • 4

    Have your data previously been analyzed but no causal variant was found?

    Send us the data for re-analysis (pay only if we solve the case).

  • 5

    Any candidate gena should be further validated

    Discuss with us the best way to validate and confirm a candidate gene.

  • Combining sophisticated computational tools and years of experience in genome research, use our services to enable the NGS technology becoming your common method to conduct genetic counseling for rare genetic conditions.

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