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Personal Genetics - The Most Accurate Genetic Test Based on Your Own DNA

Any clinical trait can have a genetic component. Sometimes, the cause of a genetic condition cannot be found through the classical methods, since the relevant genetic variation is very rare or even unique to your family.

Recent technological advances of whole genome sequencing now enable us to perform a full genetic analysis instead of looking only under the spotlight.

These approaches are finally feasible and affordable, and Adaltis Genomics can assist your physician in utilizing them for your benefit. In many cases, this is the only way to identify the genetic cause and thereby assist in future decisions regarding your family.

  • 1Consult your physician
  • 2DNA sampling (simple swab)
  • 4You get the best genetic counseling
  • 3Your physician gets a full genetic report

If you already went through all the process with another provider and did not get the solution,
we will analyze your data for free (pay with success only).

Contact us for specific information relevant to your condition.

Ask your physician about genetic testing using Exome sequencing.

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