Order Your Private DNA Sequence

Your DNA Data Knowledge = Healthier Life and Brighter Future

Get the Crucial Genetic Information on Your Own DNA

You will get all your personal data, raw and analyzed, it's your own personal genetics.
You will be able to share your data with other experts and get their opinion.
All the resulting genetic information is yours to use.

Your private Exome-Seq will identify:

  • Genetic variants of rare disorders
  • Genetic variations associated with metabolism and life-style
  • Predispositions to various cancers
  • Genetic variations associated with Cardiologic events
  • Family Planning
  • Early detection
  • Early treatment
  • Healthier and longer life

You ask - How it works ?

5You get a full genetic report with expert genetic counseling
1You are referred to the closest clinic for blood sampling
4The results are reviewed by a clinical geneticist
2The lab receives your blood sample and extracts your DNA
3Your DNA is sequenced and analyzed
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Get the ONCE IN LIFE Test

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The Test includes*:

  • A personal call from a genetic expert who can explain you more about the ONES IN LIFE test – upon your request
  • Extraction, sequencing and analysis of your DNA, examining thousands of genes within numerous different categories, using the advanced technology.
  • Full report with all applicable findings (sent via email and/or a printed report)
  • Counseling session with a geneticist.
  • Storage of your DNA and sequencing data.
  • One update of your report based on your genetic data and novel scientific and clinical findings within the first six to twelve months following receipt of the report.

* You will have the possibility to choose which categories to be included in your report.

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