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Genetic Stratification

Genetic Stratification of Clinical Trials Patient Data

Our physiology is eminently connected to genetics. Our own DNA, with its unique variations, is responsible for the way we live and the way we react to external substances such as food, drugs or any clinical treatment. It is now clear that genetic profiling should be a fundamental part of various stages of clinical trials and that the resulting genetic stratification can make the difference between failure and success, which means developing the proper formula to treat the right patients.

With recent advances in the sequencing field, it is now applicable and affordable to genotype patients using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), but handling the data and extracting relevant information require specialized know-how and expertise.

When you encounter phenotypic variability (drug response, side effects etc.)
We can identify the underlying genetic basis

Combining sophisticated computational tools and years of experience in human genome research, we provide you with our holistic analysis service that will take you step by step, from the experiment design to novel genetic insights highly relevant to drug discovery and development, and finally to a successful clinical trial.

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