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Microplate Analyzers
NexGen Four
Personal LAB
Personal LAB CLIA
Clinical Chemistry Analysers
Pchem 1
Pchem 2
Pchem 3
Pchem Micro
HbA1c Analyser
Immunoassay Analyzer
Eclectica TICA


Adaltis is an international company developing and marketing leading edge turn-key solutions (instruments and reagents) for Diagnostic need worldwide. Its reagent kit range includes tests such as hormones, tumour markers, fertility, autoimmune, and infectious disease. Adaltis is actively developing new and increasingly more sensitive tests.

Adaltis is worldwide market leader in automated instrumentation, with a proprietary range of microplate instruments such as: PERSONAL LAB, NEXgen Four and closed system instrument such as the newly released Eclectica.

Adaltis is currently active in over 60 countries with an installed base of more than 4000 instruments.


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