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Personal LAB


Personal LAB is a compact and powerful 2-plate analyser, enabling full automation of laboratory testing based on immunoenzymatic technique .

The proven and consolidated expertise of Personal LAB makes it an extremely realiable and flexible instrument to be used for a wide range of diagnostic needs, from
Autoimmunity to Fertility/Pregnancy, from Thyroid to infectious disease as HIV/Retrovirus and Hepatites A, B, C, D, E.

Personal LAB adapts to many manufacturers’ assays, providing an effective alternative to traditional manual methods, as well as to current closed-system EIA analyzers.

Two main modules are included in Personal LAB:

  • Instrument, containing all the components for sample and reagent processing.
  • Management system, containing the instrument’s controlling software and data management functions.

Personal LAB open architecture design allows for easy access and effortless operation and runs on Microsoft Window 98 compatible software.

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Main features


  • 2 microplates
  • 180 tests/session approximately
  • 96/50 samples depending on selected rack

Technical features

2 indipendent incubators, one washing station and 2 reading station with a reading range between 405 -620 nm of optical density.

Sample tubes can be labelled with pre-printed Barcode ID labels which are read by a Bar Code reader before loading the tubes on the rack. Alternatively, Bar Codes may be entered manually using the keyboard

P-LAB is equipped with an automated arm for the processing of samples, standard, controls and reagents. This arm can be programmed to use a metal needle or disposable plastic tips for an assay. Thus eliminating any carry-over risk

Customer's interface

WorkBench software handles all the programming of the managment system. Programming of protocols, profiles and worklists is performed through the customer friendly WorkBench package.

Instrument stores 500 different assay protocols at one time and every profile is a combination of different protocols (1 to 6 protocols).

Final worklist set by the customer contains all the sample testing instructions associated to a specific run


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