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EIAgen 25 OH Vitamin D Total Kit - Improved Product

EIAgen 25 OH Vitamin D Total Kit - 1425OHVDT


Product: EIAgen 25 OH Vitamin D Total Kit - Ref: 1425OHVDT
Subject: Improved Product



We are pleased to inform you that as of today we are offering a new and improved Vitamin D kit that replaces the previous kit version
and that offers a number of advances and advantages.

EIAgen 25 OH Vitamin D Total Kit


EIAgen 25 OH Vitamin D Total Kit

96 Tests Format


In addition to being designated for optimal use with our automated systems NEXgen and Personal Lab (PLab), the kits can be used
with both serum and plasma samples, it offers reduced assay time to 1 hour, reduced specimen volume, and not the least it does not
require shaking in the incubation period.

Please review the enclosed information for the product specifications, advantages, and key differences from the previous version, or
download the product IFU at the link.

For any further information please contact our Customer Care Center at the Phone Number +39 051 437779, or via email at
info@adaltis.net. or for orders, please contact our Order Processing department via order@adaltis.net.

If you have any question please, contact our Sales Department via email at sales@adaltis.net.
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