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Fully Automated - 7 Microplates - Open System


Fully Automated - 7 Microplates - Open System

A new dimension in efficient microELISA processing

Your daily laboratory routine has to be flexible and well organised. With NEXgen, we provide you a complete solution in total automation of microELISA testing. NEXgen is increasing your daily test performance and will play a central role in making your work routine increasingly efficient every day.

With NEXgen we provide the solution for a modern fully automated analyser that is able to process simultaneously 7-microplates with ELISA-assays.

Flexibility, reliability and ease of use make it the perfect instrument able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding laboratory.

NEXgen gives you the unique advantage of processing quickly, reliable and independently 7-microplates in a flexible assay environment with user-friendly user interface. Multi-assay processing is ideal for laboratories that process a wide variety of parameters in addition to high-volume sample testing.


NEXgen Features

NEXgen: a constant maximum performance in laboratories 

with a daily versatile work routine

  • fast and reliable processing of your workload
  • high speed pipetting
  • continuous loading of samples
  • up to 7-microplates simultaneously processing
  • extreme flexible programming of assays
  • remote support and control of instrument possible
  • minimum training of an operator
  • maximum operational time of the daily workload
  • reliable data processing
  • cost effective testing and test results
  • labour saving advantages

NEXgen Future Features

NEXgen is additionally an automated IFA processor,
that facilitates sampling, incubation and colouring of IFA samples*.

NEXgen can process simultaneously microELISA assays
in a microELISA plate and IFA assays on the dedicated IFA slides - even from the same samples!

* Detection shall be done by suitable microscope
   (not provided with the instruments).

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