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Fully-automated Molecular Diagnostics Instrument


Fully Integrated Nucleic Acid Extraction & Detection Platform

Universal & Compact Platform for Clinical Diagnostics

Advanced Automation in Molecular Biology

Simplify your lab workflow - All-in-One Solution

The MDXlab is a designed to optimise nucleic acid isolation and amplification procedures into a single fully integrated platform.

Nucleic acid isolation is automated, via pre-filled cartridges, utilising magnetic bead technology allowing for contamination free extraction with high yield and purity from a number of sample types.

PCR setup is managed by the liquid handling module that can manage a variety of master mixes, controls and standards from the refrigerated reagent module.

The integrated 5 channel PCR thermocycler allows for multiple protocols and PCR modes including Melting curve, SNP and touchdown step.

All functions are managed by the on-board processing system through the intuitive touchscreen interface. Advanced analysis settings allow the laboratory professional to evaluate the results in detail and link to any laboratory information system via LAN or Wi-Fi.

With its compact benchtop design and fast processing capability this fully integrated platform is ideally suited to every laboratory settings with a desire for maximum flexibility.

  • Fully automated sample to result workflow
  • Flexible throughput
  • Simplify your lab workflow
  • Intuitive user interface
  • 5 Channel PCR
  • Full MDR / IVDR conformity
  • Advanced liquid handling and detection

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  • Nucleic acid extraction
  • PCR set-up
  • PCR amplification & detection