Conjugates Production Activities

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Conjugates Production Activities

                          ADALTIS with its renowned experience as IVD-manufacturer, offers assistance for your:             
  • Monoclonal antibodies purification methods:

    • IgG purification by HPLC /FPLC and by affinity chromatography.
    • Adaltis can provide purified antibodies on request.
  • Polyclonal antibodies purification methods:

    • Ammonium sulphate precipitation.
    • Protein A / G affinity purification.
  • IVD development and prototyping:

    From the R&D phase into pilot and full-scale production.

  • Solid phases coating:

    • Coating of microplates for ELISA applications.
    • Magnetic particle preparation.
  • Antibody / Protein / Peptide Conjugation with:

    • FITC (fluoroisotiocianate).
    • Biotin.
    • Horseradish peroxidase (HRP).
    • Alkaline phosphatase (ALP).
    • Keyhole – Limpet – Hemocyanin (KLH).
    • Bovine and human serum albumin (BSA and HAS).
  • Conjugation can be optimized by the following process:

    • Customer conjugation requirements confirmation.
    • Antibody/protein HPLC analysis.
    • Conjugate preparation and purification.
  • Reagents production and filling:

    From solution preparation to filling, capping and labelling.

  • Packaging:

    Full service assembly and packaging for diagnostic products.

Conjugates Production Activities List

Product Name Code UM
BULK DHEA-S ALP Conjugate 910160301 MG
BULK Anti- DHEA-S FITC Conjugate 910160302 MG
BULK ESTRADIOL ALP Conjugate 91111261415 ML
BULK Anti-ESTRADIOL FITC Conjugate 91111261416 MG
BULK Anti FSH ALP Conjugate (Mab 0884) 91100101516 MG
BULK Anti-FSH FITC Conjugate ( Mab 1380) 91110101516 MG
BULK Anti HCG ALP Conjugate (FAb 3/6) 910163000 MG
BULKAnti- HCG ALP Conjugate (FAb 11/6) 910163001 MG
BULK Anti HCG FITC Conjugate (MAb 0380) 910163002 MG
BULK Anti LH ALP Conjugate (MAb 0184) 91100201516 MG
BULK ANTI-LH FITC Conjugate (MAb 0280) 91110201516 MG
BULK PROGESTERONE ALP Conjugate 911162701 MG
BULK Anti-PROGESTERONE FITC Conjugate (MAb 0280) 911162702 MG
BULK Anti-PRL ALP Conjugate (MAb 0484) 91100801516 MG
BULK Anti-HPRL FITC Conjugate (MAb 0580) 91110801516 MG
BULK ANTI SHBG ALP Conjugate 910165801 MG
BULK ANTI SHBG FITC Conjugate 910165802 MG
BULK TESTOSTERONE ALP Conjugate 91011601515 ML
BULK Anti-TESTOSTERONE FITC Conjugate 91011601516 MG
BULK ESTRIOL ALP Conjugate 910163502 MG
BULK ANTI ESTRIOL FITC Conjugate 910163503 NR
BULK T3 ALP Conjugate 910168601 ML
BULK Anti–FT3 FITC Conjugate 910168602 MG
BULK T4-ALP Conjugate 91112851515 ML
BULK ANTI FreeT4 FITC Conjugate 91112851516 MG
BULK Anti-T3 ALP Conjugate (MAb 0384) 91112841516 MG
BULK T3 FITC Conjugate 91112841515 MG
BULK Anti T4 ALP Conjugate (MAb 0284) 91112821516 MG
BULK T4 FITC Conjugate 91112821515 MG
BULK Anti TSH ALP Conjugate (MAb 0184) 911167301 MG
BULK Anti TSH FITC Conjugate (MAb 0380) 91112731516 MG
BULK TPO ALP Conjugate 9101707116 MG
BULK TPO FITC Conjugate 9101707115 MG
BULK hTG ALP Conjugate 9101707016 MG
BULK HTG FITC Conjugate 9101707015 MG
BULK Anti-Ferritin ALP Conjugate (MAb 0584) 91109951516 MG
BULK Anti Ferritin FITC Conjugate (MAb 1580) 91119951516 MG
BULK INSULIN Conjugate ALP 910166201 MG
BULK INSULIN Conjugate FITC 910166202 MG
BULK Anti CEA ALP Conjugate (MAb-0184) 911166601 MG
BULK Anti CEA Conjugate FITC (MAb 0280 ) 911166602 MG
BULK Anti AFP ALP Conjugate (MAb 0184) 911167601 MG
BULK Anti AFP FITC Conjugate (MAb 0280) 911167602 MG
BULK ANTI C-PEPTIDE ALP Conjugate 910162801 MG
BULK ANTI C-PEPTIDE FITC Conjugate 910162802 MG
BULK Anti –FT3 FITC Conjugate 910168602 MG
BULK Anti-TSH Biotin Conjugate 911LS4025BK MG
BULK Anti-TSH HRP Conjugate 910LS4025EK MG
BULK T4 Biotin Coniugate 91024854 ML
BULK Anti-T4 HRP Conjugate 911LS4020HK MG
BULK Anti-T3 Biotin Coniugate 911LS4019AK ML
BULK T3 HRP Conjugate 910LS4019HK ML
Bulk Anti-hIgG –HRP Conjugate FR-348 ML
Bulk Anti-hIgM –HRP Conjugate FR-349 ML
Bulk anti-CEA Ab-HRP Conjugate 911LS4022HK MG
Bulk anti-CEA MoAb-Biotin Conjugate 911LS4022AK MG