Our Instruments Range

Fully Automated microELISA Analysers

Personal LAB and NEXgen are worldwide renowned brands for fully automated microELISA processing.  All platforms are using  flexible modules for washing, incubation, reading and liquid- or sample distribution, all to meet your needs for flexible and economical sample processing, and a fast availability of test results.

High performance, durability and proven reliability are key elements in our instrument design.

ADALTIS’ vast expertise in microELISA instrument development and production, secure your durable  investment for years. Due to the  individually programmable features, you have a maximum freedom in combining different assays or assay groups, per microplate. The use of needle or disposable tip makes it very suitable for testing high risk infectious diseases. With Bar Coded sample tracking you are securing your positive sample identification.

ADALTIS fully automated microplate processors accommodate 2-, 5 or -7 plates. Proven colorimetric detection warrant your stable and robust detection methodology, completed by powerful calculation tool for processing of the measured data into final test results.

Personal LAB and NEXgen instruments are designed to serve the needs of the most demanding laboratories and are completed with a dedicated range of ready-to-use microELISA assays. Our EIAgen assays are validated on our Personal LAB and NEXgen instruments.