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MOLgen Urine,Plasma,Liquor,Leukocyte Blood Fraction,Biopsy Material,Scrapings of Epithelial Cells,Faeces,Tick Suspensions,Water Samples MOLgen Universal Extraction Kit Tests per Package: 96
Nucleic Acids Extraction The assay kit MOLgen Universal Extraction Kit is designed for extraction of nucleic acids on magnetic rack from clinical samples Code: ME188830 Package Format: UNI
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The assay kit MOLgen Universal Extraction Kit is designed for extraction of nucleic acids on magnetic rack (without the use of a centrifuge) from clinical samples of blood serum (plasma), leukocyte blood fraction, biopsy material, liquor, urine, faeces, scrapings of epithelial cells, etc., as well as from the environmental materials: tick suspensions, water samples, etc..and can be used with manual and/or automatic method.

The kit is designed for Nucleic Acids (NA) extraction from 96 samples including controls. It ensures the possibility of conducting 4 independent procedures, each for the extraction of 24 specimens including control samples.

The kit is intended for use with RT-PCR kits of “MOLgen” series designed for the detection of nucleic acids for infectious and genetic disease.

This kit is for in vitro diagnostic use by a health-care professional and will not be sold to the general public

NA extraction principle of the “MOLgen Universal Extraction Kit” is in the treatment of specimens by multicomponent Lysis Reagent with simultaneous heating that destructs the nucleoprotein complex, followed by precipitation of NA onto magnetic particles covered with silicagel, alcohol wash procedure and subsequent elution. The sample is then ready for PCR or RT-PCR test run.

The principle of the assay is based on the extraction of NA from specimens with preliminarily added Internal Control sample (IC) and running the reaction of amplification of selected DNA fragment with the detection of PCR products in real time.

The PCR kits of the “MOLgen” series include a Positive Control sample (PC) corresponding to a given PCR assay kit. PC must undergo the extraction procedure together with biological samples and Negative Control (NC) sample.

ME188830 MOLgen Universal Extraction Kit Components:

Lysis Reagent Guanidine thiocyanate ≈560 g/L EDTA 0.5M
Magnesium Chloride ≈10 g/L Detergent ≈18 g/L
4 vials, 15 mL each
 Sorbent suspension of magnetic particles 1 vial, 1.0 mL
 Specimen Diluent Trehalose-D (+)  ≈40% Betaine monohydrate, ≈40 g/ 4 vials, 10 mL each 
 Wash Solution No.1 Guanidine thiocyanate ≈560 g/L EDTA 0.5M
Detergent ≈18 g/L
4 vials, 15 mL each
 Wash Solution No.2 Ethyl alcohol 70% 8 vials, 15 mL each 
 Negative Control Sample (NC) Serum of cattle 4 vials, 3 mL each
 Recovery Solution for Controls (RCS)
2 vials, 4 mL each
Internal Control Sample (IC), lyophilized (dry powder) RNA-containing bacteriophage MS2 and a plasmid containing a DNA fragment 4 vials
Number of tests 96
Code ME188830




· Laminar Safety Box; · Refrigerator 2…8°C;

· Air shaker-incubator or air thermostat thermo-shaker;

· Medical aspirator;

· Single channel semi-automatic pipettes (mechanical pipettes) with adjustable volume, with disposable filter tips;

· Non-sterile powder-free latex gloves or neoprene gloves;

· Disposable pipette filter tips;

· Disposable polypropylene test tube 2 mL;

· Racks for 2 mL micro tubes;

· Magnetic rack for extraction of nucleic acids.

· Container with disinfectant solution

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