Accessories, Consumables & Spare Parts

Find Easy and Fast the Accessories, Consumables and Spare Parts for your Adaltis instruments

Adaltis is providing excellent services to you for purchasing original accessories, consumables and spare parts as quickly and easy as possible, at the time of your convenience

Our extensive customer services include a dedicated eStore for your on-line purchase activities,
at the time of your choice: 24-hours a day. Accessories, consumables and spare parts are easy selectable
and will provide you instant information about all specific product details as well as price, stock level and order information.
Just to make your purchase process more transparent, traceable and efficient.    

Below you find links that directly lead you to services that enable you to effectively maintain and upgrade your Adaltis devices and technologies.
If you need further information or help please contact us directly.

For more details, please contact our Customer Care Centre via  info@adaltis.net