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The Client Documentation Centre, contains relevant documents, certificates, images, footage, presentations (hereafter: ‘media’). As a client you may need for more in-dept product knowledge, product registration, project/tender preparation, to understand product qualifications/specification, your audit purposes, product specifications, product promotion and many more.

All the media shall not be used for any other purpose than described as aforementioned in this section, and is for your own use and or for the promotion of the Adaltis products that you shall have rights of sale and or representation to in your local territory

The Documentation Centre is accessible for Adaltis distributors/partners after registration only.

You may use the Documentation Centre as a supportive tool available around the clock and accessible at the moment of your convenience.

If you cannot find the information or media you need, please contact us.

 For Support on documentation Center please contact info@adaltis.net


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