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  • AMPLIlab


    Fully-automated Molecular Diagnostics Instrument for Clinical Diagnostics
    Real-time PCR System for Molecular Biology Analysis


  • EXTRAlab Brochure

    EXTRAlab Brochure

    Fully-automated Molecular Diagnostics Instrument for Clinical Diagnostics
    A Workstation for Nucleic Acid Extraction and PCR Setup

    EXTRAlab is a liquid handling workstation to perform Nucleic Acid extraction and PCR set-up in clinical laboratories, which stands out for high flexibility as it can run a variety of protocols in molecular biology and genomics.

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  • MOLgen - Molecular Diagnostics Menu Brochure

    MOLgen - Molecular Diagnostics Menu Brochure

    Molecular Diagnostic panels and reagent kits for Nucleic Acid extraction and RT-PCR of infectious diseases and genomics.

    The diagnostic kits of MOLgen series were developed for detection, confirmation, and genotyping of infectious and genetics diseases by Real-Time PCR, as well as the Nucleic Acids extraction and PCR set-up. The proprietary development enable us to provide you with a standardised, simple and readily reproducible procedures.

    MOLgen line kits are CE marked.

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  • Personal LAB Brochure

    Personal LAB Brochure

    Personal LAB - Fully Automated 2 Microplate Analyser ELISA / IFA

    Personal LAB is a new, flexible and fully automated microplate analyser. Used for application of our well-known colourimetric microELISA assays.


  • NEXgen Brochure

    NEXgen Brochure

    Fully Automated - 7 Microplates - Open System
    A new dimension in efficient microELISA/IFA processing

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  • EIAgen - MicroELISA Reagents Brochure

    EIAgen - MicroELISA Reagents Brochure

    Adaltis offers a wide and competitive range of CE-IVD marked microplate assays based on colourimetric assays.

    Our EIAgen microELISA kits provide you reliable assays for your daily laboratory routine, either for screening or a more advanced
    sample classification.

  • MicroELISA Blood Bank Assays Menu

    MicroELISA Blood Bank Assays Menu

    Adaltis offers to blood banks a range of high performance and fully CE-IVD compliant microELISA assays to increase the safety of blood products: 

    HIV Ag/Ab - HCV - HBsAg - HTLV I/II - Syphilis - Cytomegalovirus

    Adaltis is a pioneer in the blood screening solutions with its complete line of serological tests that are available to blood and plasma screening laboratories.

  • Pchem 2

    Pchem 2

    Fully Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyser & Reagents
    Double Arm - Up to 420 tests / hour with ISE module on board

  • OptiDet Brochure

    OptiDet Brochure

    Automated Microorganism Identification Device.
    Identification of gram negative and gram positive bacteria
    within 3-minutes !

    The Product is available at this moment for US-market only. 

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  • Harness the Power of Genome Sequencing

    Harness the Power of Genome Sequencing

    Whole Exome Sequencing for Clinicians

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