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  • Adaltis Products Catalogue 2016

    Adaltis Products Catalogue 2016

    Download products catalogue 2016. You’ll find all products in one file.

  • EXTRAlab


    Advanced Robotic Systems
    for Extraction & Purification of Nucleic Acids
    Genomics & Proteomics

  • EXTRAlab Reagents Menu

    EXTRAlab Reagents Menu

    The Diagnostic kits of EXTRAlab series were developed for detection of infection agents by real time PCR.
    The proprietary development allows us to turn the procedure of real-time PCR analysis from a complicated process, requiring extensive specialized knowledge and practical experience, into a standardized, simple and readily reproducible procedure.

  • EASY Line - Rapid Tests Line Brochure

    EASY Line - Rapid Tests Line Brochure

    EASY Line rapid tests are designed for use especially in resource limited
    settings, or in situations where there is need for a fast preliminary
    screening result of a patient sample.

  • NEXgen Brochure

    NEXgen Brochure

    Fully Automated - 7 Microplates - Open System
    A new dimension in efficient microELISA/IFA processing

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  • Hemo One Brochure

    Hemo One Brochure

    Fully automated HbA1c Analyser
    With Extra Diabetes Diagnostics Capabilities.

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  • Pchem Family Brochure

    Pchem Family Brochure

    The Pchem Family is a benchtop family of three advanced
    and fully automated analysers for clinical chemistry operating
    in the test range 120-500 tph,
    next to a semi-automated analyser Pchem Micro.

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  • Eclectica Tica Brochure

    Eclectica Tica Brochure

    Eclectica TiCA is a complete system with a dedicated range of popular immunoassays. 

    Eclectica TICA is a unique platform, the ideal automated solution for immunoassay analysis used by small to midsized laboratories, 
    or simply as a reliable back-up laboratory analyser.

  • Personal Lab Brochure

    Personal Lab Brochure

    Personal LAB is a new, flexible and fully automated microplate analyser. Used for application of our well-known colourimetric microELISA assays.

  • Personal LAB CLIA Brochure

    Personal LAB CLIA Brochure

    Personal LAB CLIA is a new, flexible and fully automated microplate analyser. Used for application of our novel Chemiluminescence microELISA assays – and the well-known colourimetric microELISA assays.

  • EIAgen & CLIAgen Reagents Brochure

    EIAgen & CLIAgen Reagents Brochure

    Adaltis offers a wide and competitive range of CE-IVD marked microplate assays based on chemiluminescence and colourimetric assays.
    Our EIAgen and CLIAgen microELISA kits provide you reliable assays for your daily laboratory routine, either for screening or a more advanced
    sample classification.

  • GEN - 4 Brochure

    GEN - 4 Brochure

    The GEN-4 is a modern fully automated open bench top analyser able to process simultaneously 4 microplates for ELISA assays.

  • OptiDet Brochure

    OptiDet Brochure

    Automated Microorganism Identification Device.
    Identification of gram negative and gram positive bacteria
    within 3-minutes !

    The Product is available at this moment for US-market only. 

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  • Harness the Power of Genome Sequencing

    Harness the Power of Genome Sequencing

    Whole Exome Sequencing for Clinicians

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