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Pipetting Station

The reliable platform for your automated microELISA testing

Pipetting Station

The working platform has one of robotics arm operated by step motors and controlled by both optic and mechanic sensors.

It is equipped with 2 dispensing systems that allow it to work independently, providing maximum efficient pipetting. The 2 independent arms can use the tip of 1000uL to dispense the reagents in multi-dispensing mode and 200 uL to dispense the samples, standards and controls.

The instrument is equipped with -PLS- pneumatic level sensor (patented) for the polymeric tip). The polymeric tip is equipped with a clot detection system.

In the event insufficient volume of liquid, the instrument alerts the operator with both acoustic and optic alarms.

The Personal LAB performs automatic pre-dilution of samples, standards and controls. Up to 192 predilutions can be executed per run.