All Reagents You Need, Available in One Click

For your maximum order flexibility, our IVD-reagents and assays are available as well via our eStore.

For more details, please contact our Customer Care Centre via application@adaltis.net

ADALTIS provides you a wide range assortment in reagents, assays and ready-to- use kits to screen and diagnose blood, serum, plasma or other body fluids for viruses and other infectious agents and pathogens.

Our IVD-certified reagents / assays are excellent in quality, have outstanding performance, and the ease of use including the all in one kit concept for microplate assays, make our IVD-reagents the principal solution for every laboratory that require economical and efficient daily workflow.

ADALTIS IVD-reagents/assays have excellent performance, complete validation and maximum ease of use on our automated systems in automated microplate processing (Personal LAB, NEXgen) and clinical chemistry (Pchem-series, HEMO One) or immunoassays (Eclectica, TiCA).

IVD-reagents and assays are available for the segments:

  • Blood virus, serology and virology
  • Clinical chemistry
  • HbA1c, diabetes testing


The EIAgen line is a complete range of microplate assays able to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding laboratories.

  • The excellent quality of Adaltis products, outstanding performance and ease of use, make the EIAgen assays the best solution for every laboratory.
  • The EIAgen assays are completely automated on Personal LAB, Personal LAB CLIA and GEN-4 instruments. All application protocols have been validated and approved.
  • The kits use our TMB-substrate ‘Blue Star’, this world renowned component is ready to use and has long stability and shelf life.
  • Almost all assays include reagents that are ready to use and have a shelf life of at least 12 months.


Product Name Code
EIAgen 17β-Estradiol Kit LI4041F1
EIAgen Progesterone (C21) Kit LI4043F1
EIAgen Testosterone Kit LI4011KF1
EIAgen Free Testosterone Kit LI10042F1
EIAgen Total hCG Kit LI4012
EIAgen FSH Kit LI4013F1
EIAgen LH Kit LI4014F1
EIAgen Prolactin Kit LI4015F1
EIAgen 17α OH-Progesterone Kit LI10040F1
EIAgen Free T3 Kit LI4039
EIAgen Free T4 Kit LI4021
EIAgen Total T3 Kit LI4019B
EIAgen Total T4 Kit LI4020
EIAgen U-TSH Kit LI4025K
EIAgen TSH Kit LI4025KF1