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Software Features

The reliable platform for your automated microELISA testing

Dedicated and user-friendly software warrants your simplified routine
and hassle-free operation of the instrument, every time

The Open LAB system can be used to carry out both qualitative and quantitative analysis, with suitable quality control operations. The user-friendly Open LAB software guarantees a unique easy programming experience for each operator.

The flexible Open LAB software enables easy addition of new methods. It is possible to program and store an almost unlimited number of protocols, arranged on a panel drawn up by the user, according to his needs.

Execution is done as an individual test or by a panel, at random and/ or in batches. Open LAB

Features of Personal LAB software are among others:

  • Automatic management of 1 to 6 assays in a single session
  • Creation of job lists
  • Customized reports for:
    • tests
    • job lists
    • test results
    • results by a sample (restricted to a single session of analysis only).
    • History of sessions performed

Cut-off (threshold) method for quantitative and qualitative analysis and interpolation as per the calibration curve
is possible using the following methods:

  • Cubic Spline
  • Point-to-point
  • 4 parameters
  • Single point
  • Linear regression
  • Log/Log

Two point recalibration for the quantitative tests is available as well.

By using the versatile ‘Chem Plus’ calculation engine with an extra tutorial module, it is possible to monitor the progress of sessions and the analytical data obtained from or during running the tests.

Dedicated and user-friendly software warrants your simplified routine and hassles operation of the instrument, every time.