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Features - Operational

The reliable platform for your automated microELISA testing

Product Code
Personal LAB 0-2875
Sample Station
Tubes Up to 96 positions for tubes 12-13.5 mm diameter, 55 –75 mm height
Label UPC Version A and E (EAN 8 and 13), Code 39,
Interleaved 2 and 5, Code 93, Code-bar, Discrete 2 or 5,
Code 128, Code 39 FULL ASCII.

The scanner will discriminate between the symbols,
except Code 39 and Code 39 FULL ASCII.
Loading Capacity 96 samples
Positive Sample Identification (PSID) by built-in barcode reader
and dedicated sample loading facility
Sample Loading Sample strip loading with bar code reading
Incubation Station 
Incubation Area  Manages 2 microplates (with independent temperature control)
Temperature  At least 5°C higher than the room temperature or 30°C ÷ 45°C
Stability  ± 1°C
Incubation Time Programmable
Warm-Up 15 minutes
Pipetting Station
Working Area Manages 2 microplates independently
XYZ Arm 2 independent channels using disposable tips for sample, standards, controls and reagents
Sample tip type Adaltis disposable tips
Tip size 200 or 1000 μL
Sample pipetting volume 10-200 μL
Reagent pipetting volume 10-1000 μL 
Syringe Dilutors Two dilutors with 1 ml and 5 ml precision micro-pumps 
Syringe 1 mL resolution  4000 steps on max. stroke 
Syringes 5 mL resolution 2000 steps on max. stroke
Replicate Controls /
Programmable from 1 to 4
Replicate Samples Programmable from 1 to 8
Precision for Serum

<5% with 10μL (CV), <3.5% with 25μL (CV)

<2.0% with 50μL (CV), <2.0% with 100μL (CV) 

Precision for Reagents

<3.5% with 50μL (CV), <2.5% with 100μL (CV), <2.5% with 200μL (CV) 

Serum Dispensing Time <15 min. for 88 samples (volume 100μL) 
Reagent Dispensing Time <3 min. for 96 wells (volume 100μL) 
Carryover Disposable tips: none
Washing Station
Washing Volumes 100 to 2000 μL
Wash Cycles 1 to 9
Soak time 1 second to 3 minutes
Pressure Low or normal
Photometric Reading
Working Area Allows for 2 reading stations
Reading Range 0 to 3.0 OD
Reading Channels 16 (2X8)
Reading methods Single, double or double beam with over range filter vertical reading
Reading Filters 8 interference filters
Standard Filter Range 405-450-492-550-620 nm, (other filters optional)
Linearity 1% (0:2 OD)
Precision 1% (0:2 OD)
Resolution 0.001 OD