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Sample Work Area

Fully Automated - 7 Microplates - Open System

NEXgen is an analyser that processes microELISA plates. The instrument’s architecture was designed to make it adaptable to microarray technology.

Thanks to the flexibility of the working area, NEXgen is an instrument that naturally adapts to meet many requirements of the today’s laboratories, and it is designed to be easily integrated with a pre-analytical system. As well as LIMS/LIS systems.

NEXgen can combine different assays in one plate, or is testing just one assay in one plate: all for your maximum flexibility in programming and testing.

NEXgen has flexible configurations for sample processing, in variations between either about 600 samples for one assay, or 280-samples for up to 7-different assays simultaneously.

Samples are loaded via a ‘sample sliding tray’ that can load 28 (primary) sample tubes per tray. The sample sliding tray enables continuous loading of samples.

The barcode labels on all the resources on board are read by an automatic barcode reader, which enables your true PSID (positive sample identification).