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Washing station

Fully Automated - 7 Microplates - Open System

The washing station washes microplates in the working area, while in the same moment pipetting of the next microplates can take place. This unique feature enables the washer to maintain proper incubation
of the microplate.

The washer unit has the following features:

  • Up to 5 different washing buffers and 1 distilled water tank
  • Waste tank with 8 liter capacity
  • Ability to control the washing pressure

Maximum flexibility in washing programs provides you extremely flexible and adaptable processing of microplates to virtually any microplate based assay. Weight sensors relay precise volume information related to the washing processes on board. The waste tank has remote draining capability for ease of emptying. The independent wash manifold is washing the microplate directly at the incubation station, and is minimising plate.