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Personal LAB ELISA

General Questions for Personal LAB ELISA / CLIA

The outer surface of needle is coated with Teflon. 

Shaking is done in linear manner and the speed can be settled in the instrument’s registry.

No, it is not possible.

The software allows to save a calibration curve previously done and to use it in order to elaborate another run. It is not possible to manage/edit a curve done or removing calibration points.

Sample Tubes the Dead Volume : 200uL

  • Standard (3.5mL of capacity) the Dead Volume: 200uL
  • Reagent (35mL of capacity) the Dead Volume: 1mL
  • Reagent (75mL of capacity) the Dead Volume: 1.5mL

No, it is not possible to see it with workbench software but we are developing new software and we will add the timeline.

It is possible to set a protocol for different kind of wells with a dedicated calibration, but the validation of the specific plate/assay has to be done.

No. The bar code reader is uses the sample loading by sample strips for correct functioning. For this reason the bar code reader and sample strip loading is a fixed combination (item MVPL3600)

Yes, if the assays are programmable on the instrument, according the IFU of the concerning microELISA

Yes. Personal LAB CLIA is suitable to apply the conventional colorimetric microELISA and the chemiluminescence micro ELISA assays in microplates.

Following combinations are possible in one platform:

  • 1-microplate of chemiluminescence microELISA and 1-microplate of colorimetric microELISA
  • 2-microplates of CLIAgen chemiluminescence assays
  • 2-microplates of EIAgen colorimetric assays
  • On Personal LAB CLIA\ELISA (item PL40) this is possible.
  • On Personal LAB CLIA (item PL50) this is not possible.

The instrument version/equipment level has to be decided at the time of ordering, upgrading afterwards is not possible.

The instrument version/equipment level has to be decided at the time of ordering, upgrading afterwards is not possible.

Any PC+monitor can be used, provided that it is meeting the minimum requirements for operating the Personal Lab CLIA instrument in a proper manner.  Information about suitable downloading the product guide of the instrument.

  • The instrument can be connected to LIS through serial connection (RS-232).
  • Host communication protocols are available in the Service Manual, and via our Service Centre (service@adaltis.net)

The instrument has its own dedicated reagent/controls/standards containers that can be used. Ordering formation is available via order@adaltis.net.

Yes. It is possible to use the CLIA function in semi-automatic mode. Details available via our Customer Care Centre (info@adaltis.net)

Yes. Trough a special key into the registry, it is possible to do it. Details available via our Service Care Centre (info@adaltis.net)