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Website FAQ's

Personal Information

Your personal information is kept private and confidential and at no point will we rent or sell this.

When you register at ADALTIS.NET, we need to know your name, mailing address and email address. To process your order online we require your billing address, shipping address, telephone number, credit card number and expiration date. If necessary, these details may be shared with a credit reference agency to verify your order.

Only you or a Customer Care member (with your permission) may access your personal data from the website to help you place an order or update your account.

Please note, we may contact you about our products and services via email. If you would prefer not to receive this information, you can edit your email preferences in 'Your Account'.

For more information, view our Privacy Policy.

User Account

The new Adaltis website www.adaltis.net, designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigationoffers detailed product and service information, next to 24/7 availability, support and online purchases via our neat e-Store.

Navigation: The design of the web pages and the structure of information have been changed to improve overview and usability.

24/7 Support – regardless your time zone : Further it shall give you support around the clock for availability of documents, product information, presentations and order on line capabilities at the moment you need it.

Improved Product Pages: The updated product pages contain information collected per instrument or product group, about existing and new products and services.

Distributor Area: This area is accessible for our Distributor partners and is providing theme’s like regulatory, product presentation, quality documents, IFU, user- and service manual and so on, as complete as possible per product, in order to serve you 24/7, on the moment you need it

We are confident that you will enjoy and benefit from our new website, finding more options and information, and that it will be yet another tool for strengthening our business relations, additional sales and customer satisfaction.

How do I recover my username and password?

In case you forgot you password and or username, by using the recovery tool located in this webpage, you can recover them.

Follow the steps:

  1. In case you forgot your password: click on ‘Forgot your password’, and send your username to your e-mail account as requested.
  2. By using a combination of your username and the answer to your secret question, you can reset your password.
  3. The answer you will type is case sensitive, make sure you type your answer exactly the way you did when you created your account (using caps/no caps etc).
  4.  If these tools fail, you can e-mail the webmaster using our contact form and request that your username and secret answer be sent to you.

This e-mail must include a) Your full name b) Company Name c) email address.

The webmaster and Adaltis technical support can not supply you with your password, only your username and secret answer. You are the only one who knows you password.

Contact Form here

Choosing a secure password reduces the risk that your password can be guessed or stolen by a password thief. A password thief can use your password to access your account in your name, change or steal your personal information.

Your new password must:

  • Use nine or more characters.

  • Have at least three of these:lowercase letters / uppercase letters / numerals

And must not:

  • Be a word or simple phrase—or contain four numbers in ascending or descending order (for example, 12345 or 8765).
  • Use parts of your name.

TIP: Make a strong and memorable password by using the first letters of the words in a phrase. For example, "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth" becomes 4S&7yaofb4th.

IMPORTANT: Select a unique password — not one you are using for other accounts. The webmaster and Adaltis technical support can not supply you with your password, only your username and question answer. You are the only one who knows you password.

 Protect Your Password

  • Don't tell anyone your password—not even trusted family members and computer support staff.

  • Set security questions to help you reset your password in case you forget it.

  • Change your password for security about once every six months. 

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Our site map shows you a list of the site's main section pages. You can click directly to the pages that interest you.

How do I get around the site?

By our Menus you can easily reach any category you need. You can get to any of the main sections – Company, Products, Sales & Partners, Services, Support, Media and Documents Resources, News & Events – by using the main navigation menu across the top of every page. There is also a search box - to help you quickly find things based on keywords.


The website is designed to display best in the following resolutions.  

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  1. Click control panel
  2. Click on Display
  3. Go to the Settings tab
  4. Modify the Pixel to either of these or the closest match.



First try pressing Cntl + F5. This refreshes what you see on screen to get the latest web page. If you get an error screen - take a screen picture. A screen shot captures exactly what you see on screen and send to our helpdesk by web technical assistance form.

How to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Windows:http://www.wikihow.com/Take-a-Screenshot-in-Microsoft-Windows

First try pressing Cntl + F5. This refreshes what you see on screen to get the latest web page. If you have a broken link send of the page reference and the name of the photo, file or PDF that is broken. (Hint:) To get the page reference, copy and paste the whole text in the top of your browser and send to our helpdesk by web technical assistance form.