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Sales & Ordering FAQ’s

Sales and Order Most Frequently Asked Questions

A quotation is a special arrangement related to a specific quantity, a special project or any other arrangement in addition to an agreement or the standard list price of the products/services.

A quotation shall be issued in a validated circumstance, and shall be documented via email from Adaltis, or issued by Adaltis on our company letterhead in a dedicated format.

You can request a quotation for a product/service by contacting directly your designated sales manager in Adaltis.

In case you do not have a name nor contact details from our sales managers: please send your request to the designated Request a Quote Form.

You can place your order by e-mail directly to the Order Handling Department Form

You can modify the order confirmation until your final approval. Once the order confirmation will be approved the order cannot be modified anymore. In any case please contact the Order Handling Department for assistance. 

Items will be shipped after order acceptance at a date to be communicated by our Orderhandling dept. Note that shipping may be influenced by the payment terms. Our Order handling dept will keep you informed should there be a change in the shipping arrangement of your order.

Orders with a value lower than Euro 1.500,00 shall be charged with a handling fee of €225,- (Euro 225,00). The value of this Order shall be calculated on the aggregate price of all Products included in such Order, excluding VAT, taxes, levies, duties, shipping, insurance and other costs for logistics. 

EXW (Ex works) as described in the International Commercial Terms (Incoterms 2010)

Buyer takes all costs for the movement including collection from seller's warehouse, export entry, freight and local charges at destination including delivery.  Seller has much reduced risk while buyer has greatly increased risk.

Irrevocable and confirmed letter of credit payable at sight or prepayment or according to any approved and documented arrangement.

You can ask directly to the Order Handling Department indicating invoice number and date of the document.

In case of partial shipment Adaltis will advise the Distributor prior. It is upon Distributor to accept or to refuse the partial shipment in writing/e-mail accordingly in a timely manner. Agreements for the freight costs will be agreed.

Adaltis will ship ordered reagents with a shelf-life of minimum 10-months on moment of shipping. Only for an expiry below 10-months Adaltis will advise the Distributor prior. It is upon Distributor to accept the shelf-life of the reagents or to refuse in writing/e-mail accordingly in a timely manner.

The order can be deleted only before the acceptance of the order confirmation by the purchaser. In case Adaltis fails to deliver the Products kindly refer to the general condition of sales.

Adaltis warrants the instruments against defects in material or workmanship when used with due care and in accordance with the operation procedures and manuals supplied by Adaltis and with the authorized reagents and consumables supplied by Adaltis, for a period of 12 months from the date on invoice.

a) Consumable parts, such as lamps, cuvette, plastic and glass parts, syringes, etc., as well as semiconductors, labor and or labor costs in any form;

b) Products modified without Adaltis’ written consent and/or non-Adaltis approved spare parts having been used;

c) Products stored, handled, installed, used or operated without due care and/or in a manner inconsistent with Adaltis operation instructions;

d) damages occurred after the passing of the risk;

e) Products operated with reagents and/or consumables not supplied by Adaltis.

During the Warranty Period, the Purchaser shall notify in writing Adaltis of any defect within
8 (eight) days of discovery. Upon such notice, Adaltis, at its option, shall:

a) have the defective Product or parts returned for repair; or

b) replace the defective Product; or

c) replace the defective parts in order to enable the Purchaser to carry out the necessary repairs.

d) the Purchaser shall return the defective part/replacement part or -Product on its own costs. Adaltis will send the replacement part at its charge to the Purchaser. In case Adaltis has the option to consolidate the replacement part in a planned shipment from the Purchaser, such routine shall prevail.

After the Warranty Period, replacement Products or parts shall be delivered “ex-works” (Incoterms 2010: EXW) by Adaltis

Adaltis will manage the return of material in agreement with the MRA policy, no material have to be returned before Adaltis’ approval.

The Purchaser shall promptly inform Adaltis about any claim on the basis of alleged defects and/or product liability and/or damages caused by the Products directly to Customer Care Department. Adaltis will open an investigation dossier on the problem claimed, and inform the Purchaser about the action will be implemented.